Why am I who I am?

Hey Brother! Do you think there is life after birth? Do you believe in a mom? I don't, i mean, have you ever seen mom?
Hey Brother! Do you think there is life after birth? Do you believe in a mom? I don’t, i mean, have you ever seen mom?

Today, some of us think that religion is out-dated, old, and unnecessary. Even though I am passionate about science and as such i do my utmost to think and speak logically. But, to say religion is backward/unnecessary nowadays is not true. Why? Because, It makes much more sense to believe in a creator of this universe than to Believe that there is no creator at all. Would any of you be willing to accept that the monitor from which you are viewing this comment was in fact not manufactured rather came into being “by chance”? That it had no designer/manufacturer/inventor? That it had no logic behind its creation? Ofcourse not. No sane human being would believe that, regardless if he/she had an engineering degree or not.

Then if that is the case for just a tiny viewing port then what about this Huge universe, of which mankind has not even been able to view the full extent of it, in spite of the fact that technology is advancing so rapidly? Surely someone must have created this huge universe, and, the uncountable number of stars and galaxies. The trillions of animals and the trillions of plants and all the trillions of human beings that have passed away before us. You might say that this is all via evolution! But, remember this: Evolution does NOT by definition either support or deny the existence of a creator of the universe. It cannot possibly do that since that is out of its’ domain. Hence, with such facts before me, it is clear atleast to me, that the Universe must have a creator or else such a delicate creation of and most importantly that sustaining and balance in life and the creation of nothing from nothing is impossible without a Creator/Initiator to initiate and subsequently control the process. No doubt about that.

So, now you may ask, why am I a Muslim and not one of the follower of any other religion? Why not a hindu or a jew or a christian or even a pagan? Today, most of us believe everything that the media says, especially about Islam. We judge Islam according to how a few mislead muslims behave, instead of researching into the message of Islam. You see, Islam is not a religion that started 1400 years ago. The message of islam existed since the creation of mankind, and it is exactly the same message which prophet Adam to Abraham to Moses to Jesus and all the remaining messengers preached uptill the final messenger Mohammed (peace be upon them all). They all preached to worship one true God. It is only man that changed the true message. Hence, u would see so many “new editions” of the bible and so many variations of the bible in the same country, in the same city and even in the same house. To the extent, that the vatican city has thousands of different version of the bible.

But, the Qur’an is word by word exactly the same as when first revealed. Whether that Qur’an is 1 year old, 100 years old or even since the 800 A.D.! Or even, whether that Qur’an is from America or Russia or japan or u.k. or even in the Vatican city or in Turkey. They are all exactly alike and every word (arabic text not the translation) remains constant.

The Qur’an contains facts such as the Hubble’s law, expansion of the universe, big-bang theory, barrier between salt water and fresh water, mountains having roots, details on development of the embryo and many many more, which have only very recently been proven. So how could a person living in the desert 1400 years ago, have had this knowledge?!! One thing is conclusive of every other religion except Islam. And, that is every religion other than Islam believes in worshiping creation and not the creator. The Christians worship Jesus (peace be upon him) who himself worshiped God and NEVER EVER did he say to people to worship jesus (peace be upon him). Infact, the word trinity is NOT mentioned in the bible even once! The hindus worship idols made from their own hands, and, similarly the Buddhists worship buddha. The confuciousts worship Confucians. And so, the list goes on.

But, Islam is the ONLY religion which preaches to worship the one and only Creator and not a creation. God is THE all-wise, all-knowing, all-merciful, all-hearing, all-seeing, and all-powerful. In other words, ALLAH. And, Allah guides whom He wills.
Ofcourse, these are just a few of the reasons that i found the time to list down.
May Allah guide us to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, Ameen.

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