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Perhaps the best seminar at NUST!

This is a part of video series recorded at a seminar at NUST, H-12 Campus by NUST Character Building Society. It is an incredibly motivational video!

I would certainly recommend all of you to watch all four parts of the video series! Really beneficial talk delivered by Raja Zia ul Haq! 🙂


The Art, of Being Sincere

An amazing article!

NUST Character Building Society

Lessons derived from Raja Zia ul Haq’s Talk ‘Sincerity in Action’

The seminar held on the 21st of this November was both entertaining and full of humour. The Auditorium at SCEE rang out with the laughter and collective sighs of the audience and the speaker. Through a number of relatable stories and analogies, the speaker Raja Zia ul Haq, brought the subject to life.

The talk however was more than just conversational banter for the majority of us.  There was a lesson (or many lessons) behind the stories and the incident recalls.

For this reason we’ve compiled a simple list containing some of the most obvious lessons we learnt from the talk. We welcome you to share anything you feel we’ve missed- something you learnt on Thursday!

Lesson 1:

You have a duty to yourself. It’s high time you asked yourself who you are and what your purpose in…

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