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Today, some of us think that religion is out-dated, old, and unnecessary. Even though i am a student of science and as such i think and speak logically. But, to say religion is unnecessary nowadays is not true. Why? Because, It makes much more sense to believe in a creator of this universe than to Believe that there is no creator. Would any of you be willing to accept that the monitor from which you are viewing this comment was infact not manufactured rather came into being “by chance”? That it had no designer/manufacturer/inventor? That it had no logic behind its creation? Ofcourse not. Then if that is the case for just a tiny viewing port then what about this Huge universe, of which mankind has not even been able to view the full extent of it, in spite of the fact that technology is advancing so rapidly? Even medical science supports the fact that a soul exists. And, surely someone must have created this huge universe, and, the uncountable number of stars and galaxies. The trillions of animals and the trillions of plants and all the trillions of humans that have passed away before us. So, now you may ask, why am i a Muslim and not one of the follower of any other religion? Today, most of us believe everything that the media says, especially about Islam. We judge Islam according to how a few mislead muslims behave, instead of researching into the message of Islam. You see, Islam is not a religion that started 1400 years ago. The message of islam existed since the creation of mankind, and it is exactly the same message which prophet Adam to Abraham to Moses to Jesus and all the remaining messengers preached uptill the final messenger Mohammed (peace be upon them all). They all preached to worship one true God. It is only man that changed the true message. Hence, u would see so many “new editions” of the bible and so many variations of the bible in the same country, in the same city and even in the same house. To the extent, that the vatican city has thousands of different version of the bible. But, the Qur’an is word by word exactly the same as when first revealed. Whether that Qur’an is 1 year old, 100 years old or even since the 800 A.D.! Or even, whether that Qur’an is from America or Russia or japan or u.k. or even in the Vatican city or in Turkey. They are all exactly alike and every word (arabic text not the translation) remains constant. The Qur’an contains facts such as the Hubble’s law, expansion of the universe, big-bang theory, barrier between salt water and fresh water, mountains having roots, details on development of the embryo and many many more, which have only very recently been proven. So how could a person living in the desert 1400 years ago, have had this knowledge?!! One thing is conclusive of every other religion except Islam. And, that is every religion other than Islam believes in worshiping creation and not the creator. The Christians worship Jesus (peace be upon him) who himself worshiped God and NEVER EVER did he say to people to worship jesus (peace be upon him). Infact, the word trinity is NOT mentioned in the bible even once! The hindus worship idols made from their own hands, and, similarly the Buddhists worship buddha. The confuciousts worship Confucians. And so, the list goes on. But, Islam is the ONLY religion which preaches to worship the one and only Creator and not a creation. God is THE all-wise, all-knowing, all-merciful, all-hearing, all-seeing, and all-powerful. In other words, ALLAH. And, Allah guides whom He wills. Ofcourse, these are just a few of the reasons that i found the time to list down. May Allah guide us all to the path he loves, Ameen.

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Letter to Ban-Ki Moon, Sec. Gen. UN

“When I began this campaign to free Dr. Aafia, I had no intention to do anything beyond bringing my sister and her children home. Now – having learned that our family is one of thousands who have suffered similarly, I have come to understand that we are far from alone.”

Free Dr. Aafia Siddiqui NOW!

A Letter written to Secretary General, UN by Sister of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. FREE DR. AAFIA!

Honorable Mr. Ban-Ki-Moon,
Secretary General,
United Nations Organization

Re: The Plight of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, A mother of three languishing in a US prison for a crime she did not commit.

Your Excellency,

Congratulations on being elected for a second term, as Secretary General of the esteemed United Nations Organization.

Your historic words in 2007

“I grew up in war. That experience was a big part of what led me to pursue a career in public service. As Secretary-General, I am determined to see this Organization deliver tangible, meaningful results that advance peace, development and human rights.”

And your recent statement on Dec. 10th 2011

“Human rights belong to every one of us without exception. But unless we know them, unless we demand they be respected, and unless we defend our right — and the right of others — to exercise them, they will be just words in a decades-old…

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Najsh (Hadith No. 1845)

Causing harm in general is a character trait not befitting a Muslim. Please refrain.



Volume 3, Book 34, Number 350 :
Narrated by Abu Huraira (radiallaahu `anhu)
Allah’s Apostle (sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam) forbade the selling of things by a town dweller on behalf of a desert dweller; and similarly Najsh was forbidden. And one should not urge somebody to return the goods to the seller so as to sell him his own goods; nor should one demand the hand of a girl who has already been engaged to someone else; and a woman should not try to cause some other woman to be divorced in order to take her place.

Since market rates, trade practices and customs can vary in towns and deserts, it’s better for natives to run the businesses in their lands.

Najsh – means to offer a high price for something without having the intention to buy it but just to cheat someone else who really…

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Point Blank: Interview with Raja Zia ul Haq

“When someone doesn’t know your past, it’s easy to give Dawah to them. But your family knows your past; they know you inside out. It’s very tough to make Dawah to them but it has to be done- it has to be done with wisdom, love and patience. “

Youth Club Blog


Youth Club Blog presents to you some very candid Q & A with our CEO Raja Zia ul Haq. These questions were asked at the WOC 2014 event ‘Around the Bonfire’. Raja Zia ul Haq talks about his relationship with his car, his family and his wife, and his inspiration behind the popular workshops ‘Lovestruck’ and ‘Qabool Hai’.

YOUTH CLUB: A lot of us have seen the video about the change in your lifestyle (  Sky diving, theatre, partying, fancy cars- it seems you had it all. Do you sometimes miss the lifestyle that you left behind? Don’t you ever feel tempted to go back?

RAJA ZIA UL HAQ: I don’t miss the bad bits but I do miss my car. I really, really, really miss my car. I had a Dodge-Charger, an American Muscle car and I lost it in an accident. She was my…

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The Art, of Being Sincere

An amazing article!

NUST Character Building Society

Lessons derived from Raja Zia ul Haq’s Talk ‘Sincerity in Action’

The seminar held on the 21st of this November was both entertaining and full of humour. The Auditorium at SCEE rang out with the laughter and collective sighs of the audience and the speaker. Through a number of relatable stories and analogies, the speaker Raja Zia ul Haq, brought the subject to life.

The talk however was more than just conversational banter for the majority of us.  There was a lesson (or many lessons) behind the stories and the incident recalls.

For this reason we’ve compiled a simple list containing some of the most obvious lessons we learnt from the talk. We welcome you to share anything you feel we’ve missed- something you learnt on Thursday!

Lesson 1:

You have a duty to yourself. It’s high time you asked yourself who you are and what your purpose in…

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Ask yourself: If the Prophet was with us today,
If he spoke the same words and lived the same way,
If he returned with the same message to relay,
How long would the forces of the world let him stay?

Back then, he taught humankind to: ‘Bow down to none,
No idol, no tyrant, no oppressive nation,
Keep your heart and mind free from their domination,
True power is with God, so don’t fear anyone!’

Quraysh let him be so long as he was benign,
And to his message, they thought that few would incline,
But when he preached openly, would not bend his spine,
The state turned against him, for he had crossed the line;

At first, they rushed to him seeking some compromise,
They’d give him the mic if he just ceased to chastise,
The ills around him they feared he would neutralize,
But he would not clothe his words in any disguise;

And he persisted in making more minds aware,
Of society’s false gods of which to beware,
Of the tyrants of Earth, so the state could not bear,
And his “freedom of speech” vanished into thin air;

Choking him as he prayed, they tried suffocation,
Then imposed three years of economic sanction,
Signed off authorizing his assassination,
He was hunted in his land, forced to migration;

To track down this “radical”, the vast land they’d comb,
Abu Jahl led the pack, his mouth frothing with foam,
Put him on a ‘Wanted’ list in his own home,
Like Jesus Christ before him at the hands of Rome;

And the Romes of today at whose hands we’re abused,
Who preach to us values from which they’re self-excused,
How similar the tools of repression they used,
The tyrants of past and present are ever fused;

Today, he’d see us consumed by the same fires,
With the gods in our hearts these worldly desires,
And the gods of the Earth nations and empires,
Headed by killers and professional liars;

He laid siege to Qaynuqa’ for one woman’s fear,
So what would he say to those who gang-raped ‘Abeer?
Muffled ‘Aafia’s screams as she shed tear after tear?
And occupy Muslim countries year after year?

He’d come back to remind us to: ‘Bow down to none,
No idol, no tyrant, no oppressive nation,
Keep your heart and mind free from their domination,
True power is with God, so don’t fear anyone!’

In a repeat of that reality uncouth,
Imagine he stood and struggled for the same truth,
And had the same impact on society’s youth,
Would they not once again fight this man nail & tooth?

Of course, they’d first test him to see what he’s about,
Would he stay true like before, or would he sell out?
Would fear of the state instill in his mind some doubt?
No doubt, he’d be a mountain shaking off their clout;

In an era where his inheritors deprave,
The trust of their knowledge so their skins they would save,
He’d be and inspiration for every field slave,
Craving an example of the fearless and brave;

Their think-tanks would scramble to counter his appeal,
Find scholars for dollars with whom to make a deal,
To persuade us: ‘The Prophet is just full of zeal,
Grieving injustices – quote – “perceived” and not real!’

They’d wiretap him as he said: ‘Bow down to none,
No idol, no tyrant, no oppressive nation,
Keep your heart and mind free from their domination,
True power is with God, so don’t fear anyone!’

Then they’d name him on a federal indictment,
American court would charge him with incitement,
Through Surat at-Tawbah – marked ‘Criminal Statement’
Khalid bin al-Walid as his co-defendant;

They’d say he conspired from the North to South Pole,
And seek a life sentence with no chance of parole,
In a bright orange suit on lockdown in the Hole,
Such do they treat those spirits they cannot control;

Like the rest of us who have committed no crime,
But to be a proud Muslim at this point in time,
As the war on his message has reached its full prime,
Giving those who live by it more mountains to climb;

When they saw that in this message he would persist,
They would designate him a global terrorist,
And just like Quraysh, they would pound an angry fist,
Before placing his name on their own target list;

Over the skies of Madinah, they’d send a drone,
Distribute ‘Wanted’ posters with his bearded face shown,
Talk to local tribes, make the reward money known,
For those who capture or kill him and retrieve each bone;

They’d study Badr and Uhud, learn his strategy,
And profile those who pledged to him under the Tree,
Try to identify his ‘Number Two’ and ‘Three,’
Is it Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthman, or ‘Ali?

To the Prophet’s Mosque, they’d send an entire brigade,
To round up the Ansar who had given him aid,
To kick down his family’s door in a night raid,
To make him the target of their final crusade;

Because his message would still be: ‘Bow down to none,
No idol, no tyrant, no oppressive nation,
Keep your heart and mind free from their domination,
True power is with God, so don’t fear anyone!’

Imagine if the Prophet was with us today,
If he spoke the same words and lived the same way,
If he returned with the same message to relay,
They’d reserve him a cell at Guantanamo Bay.…

 صلي الله عليه و سلم

Written by:
طارق مهنا
Tarek Mehanna

Monday, 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah 1431/15th of November 2010

Plymouth Correctional Facility, America
Isolation Unit – Cell #108


1.) Abeer Qasim al-Janabi, a 14-yr old Iraqi girl who was gang-raped,
beaten, shot, and burned along with her parents and siblings by American soldiers in March of 2006, south of Baghdad.
2.) Referring to the hadith: “The scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets.”
3.) Referring to the Pledge of Ridwan given under a tree on the day of Hudaybiyah, as mentioned in Surat al-Fath, v.18.

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