Woolwich incident – The larger picture

Why is it that if one enemy combatant is killed, many media outlets call it “terrorism” but when 5,000 innocents are killed in Palestine or Iraq, it is termed as “collateral damage” (as if they are just objects meant to be killed and not human beings like you and me) by the Israeli government & all the media outlets that bow before it??

It is because, government in muslim countries are puppet governments of other states. They fail to address the issues at hand, and fail to prioritize.

I don’t want people to feel suspicious of Muslims. Nor do I want Muslims to be at the receiving end of so much tension & misconceptions from others. It is important to understand that peace-making is the very heart of our faith. We clearly have much more to do.
But we need the wider community to understand the root-causes of this anger, which inclines young people particularly, to be attracted to perverted interpretations of Islam.

And, those causes include the fact that on a daily basis, if not on an hourly basis, many muslims are brutally murdered either by NATO/ISAF bombs or due to the pathetic behaviour of many of its soldiers! This is extremism which is resulting in anger and frustration. Not to forget the biasedness and shear hatred of many media outlets which is adding fuel to the fire.

The blame for the woolwich incident, at the end, hence lies with the British Government itself for regularly allowing many miscreants in its own army which has illegally invaded Afghanistan to harass and kill innocents of those lands. Unless, the British accept their defeat and humiliation and allow the Afghans and the Pakistanis to live in peace and harmony, just like before the brutal invasion of Afghanistan & Iraq, such incidents might only increase.